How can I order gas with the Rockgas App?

To make our service even more user-friendly, Rockgas Taranaki and Contact Energy have teamed together to offer a simple yet effective mobile app for your smartphone or tablet. This app offers a comprehensive range of services for your home, business and rural LPG needs. You can use the app to review your account, adjust the timing of your deliveries and modify any account details. Just download the app on your mobile device, complete your details and you’re all set up and ready to go!

How does it work?

  1. Go to your online app store and search for Contact Gas
  2. Enter your account details and fill in your address and contact details

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Still need help? View our app video tutorial below.

…and you’re ready to order LPG whenever and wherever you need it!

Tenancy Agreements

For more information on gas bottle in relation to tenancy agreements please click on the following link:

What size bottles can I order?

We supply 9kg 12kg, 16kg, 19kg, 27kg and 45kg bottles. Delivery conditions apply for the customer-owned 9kg bottles which work on a swap basis.

Do I own the bottles, or am I just renting them? Are they in the chattels for the property?

Most people just rent the bottles, as we are then responsible for maintaining and delivering them. It’s much easier, and much safer all round!

What happens if one of your bottles gets damaged while on my property?

Ring us and let us know immediately. Your insurance should cover any costs.

Are your delivery team friendly and safe?

Yes! Our drivers have all been with us for some time, and they all take Health & Safety very seriously. They are all lovely friendly people who always go the extra mile. We are very conscious of your personal property and privacy, and we ensure that the team we have hand-selected to deliver for us are friendly, safe, and extremely professional.

I have a dog, do I need to tie him up before you will deliver?

Yes – to start with at least! We do prefer dogs to be restrained during our visits. Over time, the dogs and the drivers get to know each other, and at that point we are happy for your pooch to be roaming free when we arrive. Please let us know you have a dog beforehand if it’s a first-time delivery, just so our drivers don’t get surprised!

I live out in the country – will you deliver to my address?

Give us a ring on 0800 LPG 2 YOU and we’ll soon tell you. It’s best to call us and find out!

Will you place the gas cylinder exactly where I want it to be?

Yes – as long as our drivers are safely able to do so, it won’t be a problem. There are certain legal requirements we have to abide by, however we will explain these to you if you have any concerns. If you are away from your property at the time of delivery, our drivers will leave a friendly note in your mailbox should they run into difficulty – otherwise they’ll go right ahead and deliver your gas as normal.

Are your cylinders safe? Can they explode?

Yes, our cylinders are perfectly safe, and are designed to withstand incredible amounts of pressure and heat. Even during the most intense fires, our cylinders will not explode – they will simply release small bursts of gas in a controlled manner to reduce their pressure. All of our bottles are regularly maintained and tested, and we even go the extra mile by leak-testing your connections at every delivery. Safety comes first here at Rockgas Taranaki!

I can sometimes smell gas – should I be worried?

Yes. While smelling an odour of LPG may not in itself be a sign of danger (there can be several reasons for this) it’s always best err on the side of caution and to call us or a registered gas fitter.

Is it safe for your cylinders to be placed in direct sunlight?

Yes. They are designed for this, as we all know how strong the NZ sun can be! Don’t worry if your cylinder is in direct sunlight, these bottles are built and maintained right here in NZ, for our specific conditions.

How long can the gas stay unused in your cylinders, and still be safe?

As long as the bottles are stored upright in a well ventilated area they will be fine for several years, so if you’re ordering gas for your bach or holiday home, it’s perfectly fine to use small amounts over a number of years!

Do you deliver during holidays?

No, unfortunately we do not deliver during statutory holidays.