Our Drivers

Our delivery team have been hand-picked for their knowledge of the area, their experience in working with LPG, their awesome attitudes, and their focus on customer care. Our drivers are well-trained, reliable, trustworthy and friendly, and they take great pride in delivering your gas on time, making sure your cylinders are placed where you want them to be. Our drivers are also happy to offer their help and advice on the safest site for your gas cylinders, as they are aware of all possible dangers associated with the positioning and connection of cylinders at your location.

You can put your trust in us!

We understand that by allowing our delivery team onto your private property, you are placing your trust in us. Rest assured, we value your trust, and we personally evaluate and train each member of our team to ensure a high-quality, safe and friendly delivery service!

We care about you. Your safety is always our first concern: this is why our delivery team will assess your cylinder placement, and leak-test your connections and your hoses with every delivery.

Our Customer Care Team

Our Rockgas Taranaki customer care team is based locally, so we are familiar with your area, know your needs, and are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We are proud to be Taranaki-based, and we provide outstanding customer-service to our region. Because we live and work in the same community as our customers, we do go that extra mile to guarantee your needs are met in the best way possible.

Our focus is on delivering the best service with the best products, and you’ll find that we also have the friendliest, most supportive personal help. Remember, our customer care team is only a phone call away!

Our Account Representatives

We’ve made signing up for an account with Rockgas Taranaki as straightforward and intuitive as possible, with our fantastic local team of Account Representatives ready to lead you through step by step. Our accounts team keep their fingers on the pulse, ensuring that our systems run without a hitch and providing our account holders with that personal touch that we all love.

Of course, if you’re comfortable using modern technology, we have an online sign up option too!